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Benefits of NDIS - Know How the NDIS Helps People with a Disability?

One can't deny that the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a historical landmark of the Australian government. Its primary purpose is to enhance the skill and lifestyle of disabled people, making them self-dependent in most of their daily activities. Since 2019, it has constantly been doing as it promises. So far, many disabled individuals have been empowered by the benefits of NDIS in a more convenient way.

Whether it's education, accommodation, transport, in-house support, or physical and mental therapies, NDIS has all the essential components and human support for disabled individuals. Most importantly, it covers all the costs necessary for the availed service.

The NDIS is different than other social welfare schemes. Any disabled individual can access its support, regardless of income or assets.

Let's break down the benefits of NDIS

  • The first and most significant NDIS benefit is that it doesn't discriminate against disabled people based on their caste, religion, or gender. Whether you are an Australian citizen or not, if you are eligible and have verified documents, you will get all possible support of NDIS services.
  • The NDIS supports disabled individuals in developing their everyday life skills. The primary focus here is to improve well-being and employment opportunities.
  • We all know how difficult it becomes for disabled individuals to move from one place to another. NDIS is well aware of this fact. However, it has included transportation services where they can travel freely with specialized vehicles for meetings, shopping, and other activities.
  • NDIS also covers the housing and accommodation needs of disabled people. They can apply for short, mid, and long-term accommodation under Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Scheme.
  • In contrast to medical support and expanses, NDIS provides disabled individuals and their families regular care, support, treatment, and equipment they require throughout the period.
  • Under the skill development and social welfare scheme, NDIS allows disabled individuals and their family members to participate in various social and cultural activities to learn and improve.
  • The NDIS Respite Care scheme is designed to take care of disabled individuals' short and mid-term breaks when their carers' go on vacation. During this time, friends and family members will get access to cover their support needs.

Now that you know the significant benefits of NDIS in the above points. It's time you must be aware of the fact that all the benefits are directly proportional to funding. In contrast, disabled people can take NDIS benefit funds in two ways - NDIS Plan Management and NDIS Support Coordination!

Services provided by NDIS Plan Management and NDIS Support Coordination!

Before diving into their service segment, let's first understand what these two NDIS prospects mean.

NDIS has made it mandatory for all participants to enable Plan Management services in their plans. It's one core service that takes care of all other services.

Meanwhile, the Support Coordination service is only for qualified NDIS participants. Support coordinators under this service don't help participants handle their NDIS plan financing. They are only entitled to those participants who need specialized support.

Plan Management consists of the following services:

  • Ensure seamless access to registered and un-registered NDIS service provider.
  • Keep track of your support and funding budget.
  • Helps you manage your NDIS funding.

Support Coordination consists of the following services:

  • Help you enable the right NDIS service provider as per your requirement
  • Briefs you about your NDIS plan in detail
  • Provide you with necessary guidance throughout your NDIS journey
  • Prepare you for your review plan meeting

Enable all the above NDIS benefits with the help of Admire Care!

NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a flagship offering by the Australian Govt. Many disabled individuals have benefitted from its intuitive offerings since it was entirely operated in 2019-20. In contrast, many registered and unregistered organizations have come forward to help disabled individuals help with NDIS services. Of those, Admire Care is one registered NDIS service provider in Perth, Australia, that has stood out with impeccable results.

We have been the most reliable source for many NDIS participants who seek end-to-end NDIS support. We feature a unified and experienced plan Manager and support coordinator who can guide you throughout the process and help you enable all the benefits within the best practice.

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