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Our Policies

It is a matter of morality, security, and confidentiality of the NDIS participants and organization. Both are allowed to add, edit and suggest necessary changes to the working culture and system to keep the instincts high all the time. You are requested to read the following guidelines and policies to understand our offerings better.

Covid-19 Policy and Procedure

Admire Care Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing a safe and hygienic clinic for all participants to complete their sessions comfortably. We request to follow all essential Covid-19 protocols.

Privacy and Dignity

Admire Care Pty Ltd will manage and ensure that the organization provides participants essential access to various services and supports that respect and protect their dignity and right to privacy.


The policy sets out Admire Care Pty Ltd’s responsibilities relating to collecting and protecting participants’ data and information. We assure you 100% confidentiality.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People Policy

Admire Care Pty Ltd comes with flexible and organized services and supports that meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Complaints, Compliments and Feedback Policy

This policy and procedure demonstrate our commitment to deal with all feedback, including suggestions and complaints, fairly, promptly, and confidentially.