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Medium-term Accommodation (MTA), Perth, WA

Medium-term Accommodation, or MTA, is a specialized accommodation service that caters to the transitional housing needs of NDIS participants. It is a time-limited solution that provides temporary housing while participants await long-term housing solutions.

What is Medium-term Accommodation (MTA)?

Medium-term Accommodation is provided concurrently with the participant's informal support and NDIS-funded supports, such as:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Assistance with daily life
  • Community access supports

Generally, the NDIS will fund medium-term accommodation support to participants who are awaiting disability-related support and are currently staying in

  • Exiting Hospital
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aged care
  • Custodial settings

Additionally, it assists individuals who cannot sustain themselves in their current living arrangements due to their disability and have received confirmation of a permanent housing solution.

NDIS Disability Accommodation Services

Benefits of NDIS Medium-term Accommodation!

Medium-term Accommodation is not a primary choice but a preeminent option that helps participants enable high-quality housing options with all advanced and essential equipment and support. MTA under NDIS offers a multitude of benefits to participants.

  • It creates a stable and supportive environment promoting well-being and personal growth.
  • It ensures a smooth transition between short and long-term living arrangements.
  • It encourages participants to engage in social activities, develop connections, and access community resources.
  • It enhances independence and develops essential life skills.

The significant benefit of MTA is that it helps participants enable individualized support tailored to meet their unique goals and requirements.

Are you eligible for Medium-term Accommodation?

To be eligible for NDIS Medium term Accommodation, you must meet the following criteria

  • You must be an Australian citizen or hold a permanent residency with a Protected Special Category Visa.
  • You must sign in with a registered NDIS MTA Provider to become an NDIS participant.
  • Your disability should be significant and permanent.
  • You must be under 65 during applying for MTA.
  • You must showcase support from a person or assistive technology for daily living activities.

To gather more information and learn about NDIS MTA, contact any nearby registered Medium-term Accommodation providers in WA.

Essential Details about NDIS Medium-Term Accommodation

  • Typically, funding for Medium-term Accommodation is available for 90 days.
  • NDIS only funds Medium-term Accommodation when a participant can't move into their long-term home now because their disability supports aren't ready.
  • You can utilize Medium Term Accommodation when your disability support needs have changed. Most importantly, your usual accommodation arrangements are temporarily unsuitable or unavailable.
  • If you're applying MTA for a child under 7 years of age, they need to meet additional criteria related to developmental delay or disability.

The process and guidelines keep changing with each operational update. For the best MTA experience and core support, contact any registered NDIS Medium-term Accommodation Providers in WA.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1Who is eligible for Medium Term Accommodation?

Long answer short - if a participant had applied for long-term Accommodation and is currently on the waiting list to get housing support. The participant must be an Australian citizen with a significant disability to be eligible for NDIS MTA. You can find the brief answer to the same in the above section.

2How long is Medium Term Accommodation funded?

Generally, NDIS provides Medium-term Accommodation funding for 90 days. Participants can extend it based on their conditions and requirement.

3What does Medium Term Accommodation cover?

Medium Term Accommodation covers situations for several weeks to a few months. It includes

  • Medical Treatments/Therapies
  • Skill Development
  • Education
  • Relocation
  • Temporary Assignments

4How do you Apply for Medium Term Accommodation?

The application for MTA is simple

  • Search for reliable and registered Medium-term Accommodation providers nearby.
  • Reach out to them to understand the process
  • Apply by filling up the form(Online/offline)
  • Prepare all the required documentation for verification
  • Payment to secure your booking (depends on providers)
  • Confirmation

If you need clarification and professional support, talk with our officials now!

5How do I find an NDIS accommodation provider in Australia?

You can Google it or type in any other search engine to find their ranking and reviews. But we suggest you enrich Admire Care's official website directly. The organization is a renowned Medium-term Accommodation provider in Perth with an impeccable record of delivering bespoke NDIS services to its participants.

For more information on how Admire Care can help you with the best NDIS Accommodation Service in Perth, contact us at +61 483 282 061 or email info@admirecare.net.au