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NDIS Therapeutic Supports

NDISTherapeutic Support Perth, AU

This service includes the assessment, training and identifying the therapy required to assist in the development of skills for independence and community participation.

NDIS Therapeutic Support

Therapy supports are specially tailored for participants to facilitate functional improvement.

Therapeutic Supports

Funding is dependent upon a detailed support plan that is designed to provide improvement or change for the participant.

Admire Care is able to develop this plan that clearly shows the expected therapy outcomes, goals, objectives and aspirations of the participant.

Our supports service will help to achieve your goals in a safe environment addressing your physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs.

Admire Care has an experienced team of qualified allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, assistants, physiotherapists, dieticians, speech pathologists and registered nurses.

For more information on how Admire Care can help in finding the best NDIS therapeutic support for your child relevant to their needs, contact +61 483 282 061 , +61 411 568 442 or email info@admirecare.net.au.