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NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Service, Perth, Australia!

We are a registered NDIS Accommodation Provider in Perth, AU! We provide Disability Accommodation Services and support tailored to the specific needs and comfort of individuals with disabilities. If you require NDIS housing assistance, please let us know so we can provide you with the best on-demand solutions.

Our NDIS Accommodation Service Offerings Consist Of The Following

  • NDIS Short-Term Accommodation
  • Medium-Term Accommodation
  • NDIS Shared living
  • NDIS Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation

We ensure that our accommodation services are professionally managed and meet all participants' safety and privacy requirements.

NDIS Disability Accommodation Services

NDIS Respite Accommodation Perth

Respite Care is the most valuable asset of NDIS Accommodation. It is structured to avail the much-needed short and medium-term breaks to NDIS participants and their support coordinators.

Meanwhile, don't get confused about NDIS Respite services with full-fledged accommodation. It is more about the support you receive while staying there. The NDIS Respite Service highly depends on the level of care you require. Your NDIS Respite Provider might ask you to share a support worker with other guests during the break to get the most out of your funding.

At Admire Care, we offer flexible NDIS Respite services to ensure safety and comfort during the break, with a support worker to assist at all times.

NDIS Short-term Accommodation

  • Preparing to move out of home
  • Increasing independence and life skills
  • Developing new relationships
  • Maintaining familial relationships

NDIS Medium-term Accommodation

  • Safe and comfortable homes
  • Community participation and access
  • Independent living skills
  • Daily personal supports

NDIS Supported Independent Living Perth

Being the most-trusted NDIS Supported Independent Living provider in Perth, we assist NDIS participants with daily tasks relevant to Accommodation. Our primary goal is to help develop their skills to meet modern-day requirements and live happy and independent life.

Daily tasks shared living NDIS we assist with are

  • Assisting in Cleaning and laundry services
  • Nutrition, cooking, and eating
  • Personal Care (showering, dressing, hygiene, etc.)
  • Assisting in Medication management
  • Assisting in scheduling and attending meetings
  • Assist with hobbies, recreational activities, and arts & crafts
  • Assist with public transport

Our NDIS Independent Living options include many unified solutions. It comprises better NDIS Supported independent living arrangements with formal or informal support. It is specifically designed to meet individual needs and preferences. Whether you choose to live alone or with a partner, friend, family, support worker, or guest - we ensure you get the best NDIS Independent Living options to fulfill your need.

NDIS Shared Living

Admire Care is a top-tier NDIS Accommodation provider in Perth, Australia. We have the most agile NDIS team that quickly identifies the need for inclusivity for people with disability. They promote a variety of housing models that increase their standard of living and independence.

Our shared living homes have high-level arrangements, including 24*7 staff availability. They ensure the smooth operation of daily tasks, assisting you in living a great life.

Our Daily Tasks Shared Living NDIS caters to emergencies, in-home staff supports, unplanned staff supports, general assistance, and NDIS Supported Independent Living Perth.

We have a great team of NDIS Accommodation Providers who work closely with you and your family to discuss your accommodation requirements. They help you enable the best NDIS shared living options to meet your accommodation support requirements.

NDIS Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialist Disability Accommodation or SDA, is another flagship offering of NDIS. It is explicitly designed for disabled people, allowing them to live within the community and receive high-end support. Eligible participants will get the required SDA funding to choose their way of accommodation and daily-life support.

Getting into the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation segment is not a cakewalk. However, it is relatively easy with Admire Care - a reliable NDIS Accommodation provider!

Being the most-trusted NDIS Disability Accommodation Provider in Perth, AU, we feature a young and professional NDIS expert. Our dynamic team helps participants enroll in high-class NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation services to fulfill their SDA needs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1What are the eligibility criteria for NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation?

NDIS participants who have very high support needs. The ones who can't afford suitable accommodation and support services on their own. Participants who need extra care (24*7) are eligible for SDA.

2How SDA works?

Individual participant plans fund SDA. Upon receiving funding from the NDIS, eligible participants can find a suitable enrolled dwelling by approaching the market, residential statement, or SDA supply available in their location.

3How can I get SDA funding?

First and foremost, you'll need to go through the NDIA's Informing Housing Solutions process to get the approval for SDA funding and support. However, the simplest and quickest option is to get in touch with Admire Care officials, who can help you with the same.

4 What is the core difference between SIL & SDA?

SIL refers to the NDIS support provided while staying at home. In contrast, SDA is all about the physical home, such as your house modifications to accommodate your specific needs.

5How long can a participant benefit from the SDA scheme?

The SDA initiative's lifespan is 20 years. During this tenure, if any eligible NDIS participants' support needs increase over time, their SDA funding will automatically increase. Contact registered NDIS Disability Accommodation Perth for more info.

6 How will I pay my plan Manager?

You need not have to pay any cent to your plan manager as it's free of charge, and the NDIS pays for your Plan Manager.

For more information on how Admire Care can help in finding the best NDIS therapeutic support for your child relevant to their needs, contact +61 483 282 061 , +61 411 568 442 or email info@admirecare.net.au.