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Supported Independent Living (SIL), Perth, WA

Don't get confused by seeing "Supported" and "Independent" in a single sentence. It's a different perspective than what you are thinking! Supported Independent Living, or SIL, is more of a paid personalized support service. Here, the participant can access assistance from the National Disability Insurance Scheme to perform daily tasks, including preparing meals, bathing, cleaning, and other daily activities.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) Accommodation!

SIL Accommodation is for people with higher disability support needs. The support assistant ensures 24/7 care. It includes overnight support as well. They engage participants in various skill development activities, enhancing personal growth in a safe and supportive environment. They aim to make them flexible and confident to achieve and enjoy complete independence at home.

NDIS Disability Accommodation Services

SIL Accommodation for Shared Living

You can enable supported independent living accommodation whether you live in your own home or with other NDIS participants in another home/apartment. This option is called Shared Living! The choice is yours to pick who you want to live with and share your support with. You choose participants with whom you share a strong bond. Also, you can opt to move into share housing specially designed for people with a disability.

Benefits Included with SIL Services

Supported Independent Living is designed to help individuals with disabilities to live more independently at their preferred SIL disability housing options. Here are some of the benefits of NDIS Supported Independent Living

  • NDIS comprises flexible and convenient SIL plans tailored to each person's unique needs, preferences, and goals.
  • Its primary focus is to enhance participants' skills to boost their confidence to manage their daily activities with greater self-reliance.
  • With multiple therapies and engaging activities, SIL ensures participants enjoy a quality life.
  • The program lessens the burden on families by providing professional support and assistance.
  • Participants can choose their roommates, flatmates, neighborhood, and community with SIL.

The benefits of NDIS SIL are one of its primary assets that is more tempting and encourage participants to take the option without a second thought.

Who are Eligibile to Access NDIS SIL

The SIL Accommodation eligibility criteria surge around several factors, including individuals' disability, support needs, and goals. Generally, to be eligible for NDIS SIL funding, a person must meet the following points

  • The disabled individual must register with the NDIS and have the participant tag.
  • Participants' disability must be permanent and substantially impact their daily life and ability to live independently.
  • The participant must showcase that they need 24*7 support, including overnight supervision.
  • The disabled individual must meet the criteria set by the NDIS for SIL funding.
  • The participant's goals and aspirations must align with living independently in an independent or shared accommodation setting.

Once a person with a disability adopts the above points and enables, they can comprehensively access NDIS Supported Independent Living funding and required assistance.

Essential Details about Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Whether you wish to live independently in your home or like to share accommodation with other participants, NDIS Supported Independent Living Accommodation service is here to help you achieve both.

  • The NDIS SIL funding is to help you get required everyday tasks support. It does not pay for your groceries and rent.
  • Your provider will draft a Roster of Care (RoC) and Service Agreement on your behalf to secure your SIL funding. This document will function as a proposal to the National Disability Insurance Agency.
  • Once you get SIL funding, you'll receive funding for a support coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1Who is eligible for SIL accommodation?

An NDIS-registered disabled individual with a high-level permanent disability is eligible for SIL accommodation. There are other eligibility criteria that you can explore in our above content.

2How long is supported independent living accommodation funded?

The duration for funding SIL accommodations is determined by the individual's level of need and progress toward independence. Some may need Ongoing support, while others can decrease support as they gain independence.

3What does SIL accommodation cover?

The most convenient NDIS accommodation service covers the following prospects:

  • Housing for disabled individuals
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Personal Care, including Health
  • Financial Management
  • Personal Growth
  • Job Assistance

4 How do I find an NDIS accommodation provider in Australia?

Australia is filled with NDIS service providers (Registered and uN-registered), making it difficult for people with disability to choose and register for the best services. However, Admire Care is one of the most trusted and result-driven service providers you can join and rely on for impeccable Accommodation services.

5How do you apply for SIL?

It's a long and tedious process. For a flexible and seamless experience, talk with our officials. They will help you learn, understand and apply for SIL.

For more information on how Admire Care can help you with the best NDIS Accommodation Service in Perth, contact us at +61 483 282 061 or email info@admirecare.net.au