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Daily Tasks And Shared Living

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Admire Care is a NDIS registered service provider with a highly trained and specialised team of support workers and personal carers focusing on developing and enhancing domestic skills that allow participants to live autonomously.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

This service can also be provided within shared living such as units or host family setups.

Daily Tasks and Shared Living

Our team possess the right practical skills as well as personal capabilities to meet the particular needs of individuals with complex care needs as well as providing friendly and comforting assistance and disability services.

Our support staff is available 24/7 to assist participants with daily tasks and everyday living.

Participants in the NDIS may be eligible for funding to get assistance with daily personal tasks to live a dignified and independent life.

Whether you are living in your own home, living in a shared accommodation arrangement or a rental property we can assist in providing a plan for you to achieve independency and living a fulfilling life.

Our knowledgeable team of NDIS registered Plan Managers and Support Coordinators are available to meet your requirements.

Admire Care is ready to support you by:

  • Teaching you how to live with others and ensuring you can cope with your responsibilities around the home
  • We’ll even assist with your move if it is the first time you are going to be living in your own or shared accommodation;
  • But most importantly teach you how to live well independently and assist you with the basic daily tasks like getting yourself ready each day, preparing healthy wholesome meals and enjoying life to the fullest;
  • Helping you with budgeting;
  • Maintaining social skills and positive family relationships;
  • Assisting you with written communication, completing forms, and paying bills;
  • Providing hands-on assistance with household activities including meal preparation, being a good neighbour, paying rent on time, domestic tasks, cleaning, laundry, dusting, bed making, ironing, vacuuming, gardening;
  • Assisting you with shopping;
  • Supporting you to attend appointments and
  • Maintaining health and wellbeing.

For more information on how Admire Care can help in finding the best NDIS therapeutic support for your child relevant to their needs, contact +61 483 282 061 , +61 411 568 442 or email info@admirecare.net.au.