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Benefits Of NDIS Plan Management

Plan Management and Its Key Benefits - A brief explanation!

When the Australian government started the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) initiative in 2013, fully operational in 2020, everyone across the country acknowledged this step. And why not? It was a scheme designed for disabled individuals to help them enjoy and live a regular life like everyone else.

The NDIS is an organization comprising various services and support to disabled people who wish to fight against their disability and overcome their inability to perform daily life tasks.

The NDIS's primary goal is to help those individuals lead happy and confident life. The organization has also endured funding for its service to those who can't afford the treatment.

The NDIS plan comes with three core options. However, finding the right and well-suitable option is a daunting task.

But the best thing is you will get support right from the beginning and the freedom to choose the best management option in the NDIS planning meeting.

The three core NDIS management options are

Agency Managed

The NDIA or National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is responsible for Agency managed plans. The NDIA works directly with your referred registered NDIS provider to seek out disability support for you. Here the NDIA manages all your NDIS funds.

Plan Managed

A plan-managed NDIS plan refers to the financial intermediary. Here, a Plan Manager will likely add to your service, manage everything from bills, payments, and invoices, and make claims from the NDIS portal on your behalf. The NDIS will add extra funds to pay your plan manager when you choose a plan manager.


A self-managed NDIS plan allows participants to receive their funds and self-manage them directly without third-party support. Here you learn to control your NDIS funds by yourself.

Now that you learned about the prime management plans, we will briefly introduce the most discussed and anticipated NDIS management segment - Plan management and benefits of NDIS Plan Management.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

Plan management is broadly used, and one of the best options NDIS provides for managing your funding in the NDIS plan. The NDIS Plan management gives participants the freedom to use their NDIS budget with the help of a plan manager.

Once you get access to your plan management funding, the plan manager comes with a structure to manage those funds, including bill payments and many other prospects that fall under the segment.

When you opt for NDIS plan management, the NDIS immediately adds extra funds to pay your NDIS plan manager. Let us assure you that if you have signed in for the NDIS plan, then you can add plan management without any hassle, and do remember that there aren't any unnecessary or additional expenses to it.

Here's what you can do with the Plan Management
  • You can choose and engage with support providers, irrespective of gender, that fit your needs and requirements.
  • You are allowed to negotiate the pricing according to your budget.
  • Most importantly, you will get additional support to look at your entire administrative tasks.

You must know that you are not bound to receive NDIS support for registered NDIS providers only. You can go to unregistered service providers to receive NDIS support.

Key Responsibilities of a Plan Manager

A professional plan manager is entitled to many vital responsibilities and pledges to do justice with each commitment. Generally, they help participants in the following:

  • Manage the payment structure on behalf of the participants
  • Keep an eagle eye on every payment processing for better management of the funding and support
  • Helps participants understand and manage overall service agreements and guide them according to the term and conditions
  • Help participants in R&D to get access to the best NDIS plan management providers in their region/area
  • Monitor and keep track of participants' bills and invoices

Having excellent communication and the support of an experienced plan manager is a blessing in disguise. Plan managers with an active and positive track record are an asset to your NDIS plan management service, helping to create efficient, impactful, and transparent solutions that keep participants informed on their NDIS fund spending.

Benefits of NDIS Plan Management

There isn't any second thought that picking an experienced and dedicated plan manager will lead you to an impactful and stable plan management course. Also, they will help you explore the inside out of its benefits without delay.

Let's have a quick look at some of the core benefits of NDIS Plan Management:
  • The first and most essential benefit is that it allows participants to hire unregistered NDIS service providers who have established themselves in the community with high-volume results.
  • The plan management funding comes under separate separately funding in your NDIS plan, so there is no extra or hidden cost you need to worry about.
  • Your plan manager will handle everything from beginning to end. You don't have to worry about official paperwork hassle or funding obstacles.
  • Most importantly, your plan manager will help you navigate with your NDIS partner to bring the most out of your NDIS plan.

These were a few preeminent benefits of NDIS plan management for managing the NDIS plan. Of the three management options, plan management has the highest number of participants.

Remember, plan management allows you to choose registered and unregistered NDIS providers per your requirement. So once you conclude, make a wise decision that fits your budget and serves your purpose.

Wrapping Up

If your NDIS funding is plan managed and you are looking for a registered NDIS service provider for better execution, then Admire Care is your one-stop destination. We have pledged to ensure participants receive high-quality NDIS services and live with more freedom than usual.

You can enroll in our unified NDIS plan management services to experience more independence and better control of your funds. Our dedicated supporter will guide you in every step to help better manage your NDIS funding while achieving the ultimate goal.

For more information and assistance on NDIS plan management, contact +61 483 282 061 or Email info@admirecare.net.au.