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Benefits Of NDIS Support Coordination

Benefits of Support Coordination - A Definitive Guide!

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is arguably the best thing that has happened to disabled people in the last decade. Under this scheme, many disabled people have found their rightful funding, assistance, and purpose to revamp their life to normalcy. Now the NDIS stands tall due to its significant support service offerings.

Out of all services, the most discussed and impactful NDIS service is the Support Coordination service. The Support Coordination service has numerous benefits to offer to NDIS participants.

From developing NDIS understanding and life skills to teaching them to live and lead a happy and healthy life, the service covers everything with the help of Support Coordinators.

Here in this blog, we have disclosed some crucial benefits of Support Coordination and the eligibility criteria it demands to enable those benefits into a participant's life.

Eligibility criteria for Support Coordination

Support Coordination is an intuitive NDIS support service plan designed to help build participants' confidence.

A Support Coordinator can help them learn and improve their skills, ensuring they get the most out of their NDIS plan funds and achieve their goals.

However, not every NDIS participant fits into the NDIS support service criteria, and only a few surpass the eligibility category within the best practice. You are eligible to receive support coordination service and funding only when you:

  • Wish to develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate the NDIS independently
  • Don't have an additional or informal family and friends support network who can ensure the same support style.
  • Are new to the NDIS segment and have received the first plan, heading towards a significant life change.

Now that you have got a clear idea about the eligibility norms of Support Coordination, let's dive into the benefits of Support Coordination:

So here are some essential benefits of Support Coordination

Helps you in developing your NDIS understanding

Understanding NDIS and its service ecosystem on the first go is challenging. Many paperwork, steps, and communication involve various prospects, and the one new to all can get confused and need more clarity.

Although, they can only understand some processes by themselves as Support Coordinators are there to take care of the rest.

It's their primary job, and every Support Coordinator pledged to help every individual who wishes to know the inside out of NDIS and the services aligned.

Connect you with suitable NDIS supports

With so many NDIS service providers, finding and connecting with the right providers with a sublime track record takes careful consideration. However, if you have a support coordinator, you mustn't worry about these prospects

Being NDIS Support Coordinators, they are bound to thoroughly assess your needs and carefully match you with the best and relevant service providers best suited to your needs and help you reach your goals without trouble.

What is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is precisely the opposite of NDIS Plan Management service. In Plan Management, the service providers do all the necessary work on behalf of the participants.

But a support coordinator will only guide and support the NDIS participants and help them find the right NDIS service providers.

Here, irrespective of your NDIS status (Plan Managed or self-managed), you can access a support coordinator upon getting approval from the NDIS.

Work alongside your plan manager

One primary benefit that NDIS often highlights is that the support coordinator and plan manager can collaborate and work together to bring the best possible outcome for participants.

While one can take care of the paperwork and the entire plan management of your NDIS plan, the other team member can teach the most accurate and suitable way to execute all plans and support services.

Stable housing (accommodation) assurance

A roof over the head is what most humans crave, and when one suffers from any disability, then it becomes more than just a need.

While many NDIS participants require some time inside a home, few with serious condition requires 24*7 observation inside a room with an attached restroom and other facilities.

Fortunately, NDIS comprises Housing and accommodation services that provide suitable and stable homes to the needy NDIS participants.

What Support Coordinator can do is take care of this responsibility and help those participants receives all necessary help regarding accommodation.

Provide support to parents and friends

Disabled individuals seek NDIS help on three prospects - either they have enough support (friends or family members) and need only funding or vice versa and sometimes both.

However, NDIS officials stated that those with a great support system are blessed and can quickly achieve their goals successfully.

Support coordinators support parents, friends, and other family members who take care of the participants daily with every task.

The team ensures streamlined training so those caretakers can learn how to help their loved ones achieve their NDIS individual goals.

Once you clear your eligibility for support coordination, you can access all these benefits under your NDIS plan.

Utilizing it to the fullest, you can live an independent and comfortable life like everyone else.

Admire care can prepare you well!

With an experience Support Coordinator beside you can better plan out your NDIS Support Coordinate service, enabling all the benefits and achieving positive outcomes.

Being a registered NDIS Support Coordination Provider, our Support Coordination team can help you to scale up your skills in the most advanced ways.

They first review your reports and prepare the best Support Coordination plans that reflect your goals.

To learn more about NDIS Support Coordination service offerings, call (+61 483 282 061) or email (info@admirecare.net.au)