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Changes in your NDIS Plan

A Guide on How to Make Changes in your NDIS Plan!

Getting into NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is tough. You can't generally show up and ask for funds, support assistance, and plan managers straightaway. Even if you enter, you will face significant challenges while making changes in your plans from time to time.

Making changes to your NDIS plan takes time and requires a full-fledged plan review, which automatically happens when a plan is nearing its expiring date.

At that time, one must prepare to make necessary changes in their plan to seek better connection, funds, and support improvements.

To help you better understand how NDIS plan changing cycle works and how you can better prepare for it, here's a complete guide for you:

Review Request

If your circumstances have drastically changed, such as:
  • You are moving from one place to another (Location/Address changed)
  • If You have found out that your funding support category isn't right, then you have every right to approach the NDIA officials with a "Review Request."

You must complete a Change of Situation or Change of Details form with your updated phone number, address, and email account.

Remember, keeping up-to-date details will help the officials better understand your whereabouts and situation. Keeping them in the loop will significantly impact your communication with them.

A Formal Plan Review

A formal plan review takes place n every 12 months after starting your NDIS plan. It is an opportunity for you (NDIS participants) to review the ongoing plan, look at the progress against it, and set new goals to make improvements if required.

The NDIS officials will contact you near your ongoing plan's end date to discuss further proceedings and whether you would like to keep or make some changes.

If you request a plan review, they will conduct it and help you with the support needs and what you'd like changed in your plan.

An Internal Review

When a friend or loved one brings you a gift, let's say a T-shirt or a shoe. But you don't like it and also know the shop where they have brought.

So you go straight to the store and replace it with your preference. Isn't it a general and straightforward process to get what you want? Likely, you can change/replace your received NDIS plan if you are unhappy using the "Internal Review" process.

To make changes or replace your current NDIS plan via Internal review, you must first contact the NDIS officials and let them know that you're unhappy with your current plan and would like to request an internal review.

By keeping calm, clearly explain why the ongoing plan is not suitable for your account and how you have suffered loss till now. Discuss every point you have thought of before applying for internal review.

For an internal review, you have many mediums of options to choose from. You can dial 1800 800 110 or email enquiries@ndis.gov.au to request an internal review.

You can take the other way around and submit a Request for a Review of a Decision form to do the same. The NDIA usually takes 90 days to complete all internal reviews.

An External Review

While the internal review is about you not being happy with the initial NDIS plan and wanting change in it immediately, the external review comprises a change in the later made Internal review plans.

You can apply for an external review via AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal). The AAT provides NDIA-made independent reviews of decisions.

You can request external reviews within 28 days of receiving an internal decision from the NDIA.

(Note- It cannot be requested before an internal review decision is made)

You can either apply for an AAT review online, fill out an application form, or enrich directly to any AAT in person, via email, fax, or post.

Light Touch Review

A light touch review is where participants can apply to make small changes in their plan in case they have any circumstance change that requires adjusting a planned budget.

It works whether they want to change an Agency-managed plan into a plan or self-management, or vice versa.

Using the light touch review, they can plan their NDIS funds move to bring more flexibility to their plans.

The significant drawback is that the light touch review is only for some. Moreover, you can't use it to increase a plan's funding.

However, it can help you avoid extended delays you may face in a review request.

How Long does it (A Review) Usually Take?

No one could give you any assurance about the exact time regarding this matter as an NDIS plan review depends on many factors like the request urgency, your location, and the number of evidence you have for the right to claim.

However, the quicker you move forward with the proceedings with the correct documents and clarity about your plans, the sooner you will get complete results.

That's why we suggest you submit your request as soon as possible and follow up with your Local Area Coordinator to track your request's progress.

Get assisted by Admire Care!

Getting into NDIS plan brochures is a complex process and requires the presence of mind and years of expertise. Much paperwork, conferences, meetings, and reviews are involved.

However, with an experienced mind besides, everything sums up in line, and things happen without hindrances. We suggest you get help from Admire Care, a registered NDIS Plan Management Provider.

We have an agile team of NDIS support coordinators and plan managers who can assist you with these reviews plan much better than you ever thought.

Our support coordinator will review your plan and determine what's working and what needs improvement. They will also help you develop goals suited to your situation and allow you to access the support you want.