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NDIS Transport Assistance - A definitive guide for NDIS participants!

NDIS participants can now choose their traveling mode and journey to their desired destination.

The Australian Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, announced implementing the Transport Assistance service in the NDIS in early 2020. Later on March 1st same year, the service was active for participants.

Under this, they were allowed to use the flexibility of the transport fund and claim every NDIS transport assistance service provider's cost associated with transportation.

It was a much-needed move to help participants become more self-dependent. If you or anyone of your friends, family members, and loved ones have a disability and require NDIS transportation support, this is your chance to avail of the service for them.

Before that, follow the below sections to understand it fully. What is it? What are the types and all the vital prospects related to NDIS Transport Service?

Transport Assistance - What does it mean?

Accommodation, education, job, and Transport Assistance is other NDIS segment specially designed for disabled individuals.

It is for those who wish to manage their work independently and with minimal support.

For those who ask for it, NDIS make suitable traveling arrangements for them and pays for their vehicle and support.

Here, NDIS considers all traveling options such as Cab, Bus, Train, Van, etc. They also, if needed, design specialized vehicles enabled with all essential technology and disabled enhancement system for smooth and hassle-free riding.

But before that, you must understand its types and other essential information for better coordination with your NDIS providers in Perth.

Types of Transport Assistance for NDIS Participants

NDIS generally covers four major transport assistance for its participants.

Private Transport Assistance

Private transport assistance comes under the self-proclaimed category. Here, As a participant, you can book a cab or call for your specially designed vehicle to pick you up from your mentioned location and drop you at your preferred one.

You don't need to share your ride with anyone with this transport service.

Whether you are visiting your doctor, attending a party, or planning shopping, this one sounds like a more convenient NDIS transport assistance option.

Public Transport Assistance

Public transport comprises traveling via public transport (Bus or train). The NDIS took responsibility for your support and public transport assistance funds every time you use public transport.

You can take your travel supporter for a hassle-free journey using this traveling assistance option.

Shared Transport Assistance

Shared transport is another convenient traveling assistance option by NDIS, and it is best suitable when you find a participant who shares the same destination with you.

Once you collaborate, NDIS makes the best travel arrangements, including vehicles and assistants.

Community Transport Assistance

Neither individual nor shared; community transport allows you to join and travel with many other participants.

NDIS will book a bus or van with wheelchair support to make the journey comfortable. The vehicle will stop at many destinations suitable for participants' pick and drop-offs.

Can NDIS Participants access custom-designed specialized vehicles?

Those needing it can access custom-designed specialized vehicles under the "Assistive Technology" category 5.

However, NDIS will consider the vehicle modification only if they find it value-for-money. Else, they will reject the request and suggest you the best or equal alternative.

But once the team completes the modification, you will be able to do the following:

  • You can easily come in and out of the vehicle with or without the support of your wheelchair
  • Your NDIS provider can comprehensively lift your wheelchair to the vehicle without any hassle
  • The vehicle will be equipped with an advanced technical support system for safe and seamless driving

Note:The NDIS might not bear the total cost of the vehicle modification but only for the essential ones, and you must take responsibility for the remaining cost.

Some additional information you must be aware of regarding NDIS transportation funding

NDIS and its support service plans, including Transportation service, are hard to understand, especially if you are a newbie.

So before applying for NDIS transportation funding, ensure to tick all the essential information, such as:

  • The transportation funding comes under category 15 of NDIS service.
  • If you are new to the NDIS plan and require transportation service, inform your support coordinator before applying.
  • Take the support coordinator's help to find the best NDIS transport assistance service provider near you.
  • NDIS also bear the funding of your rideshares and make suitable modification to your specialized vehicles. It pays for your support worker's transport to travel with you.
  • If you or your support coordinator need clarification on the NDIS transport fund and service, take Plan Manager's help for proper guidance.

NDIS comprises greater flexibility. For a better understanding of NDIS transport support services, contact the nearest NDIS service providers.

Acquire Transport Assistance help from Admire Care!

Transport Assitance is another staggering offering of NDIS that has helped many participants do their job independently without worrying about the vehicle and traveling assistance.

It would be the wisest decision for those aiming to avail of hassle-free transportation services with no or minimal assistance.

But for that, you need expert guidance. So immediately, contact your Plan Manager and ask them to onboard the best NDIS transport assistance service provider. For more guidance and information, contact us now!