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How Can NDIS Community Nursing Care Improve Your Daily Living?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is undoubtedly the most astonishing disability program that has revolutionized the landscape of disability support services. It has covered many disability services, offering much-needed support and funding to people with disabilities across Australia. One of its various support offerings, Community Nursing Care, plays a crucial role in enhancing the daily lives of NDIS participants.

This blog post covers the significance of this dynamic offering by NDIS, its eligibility criteria, and how it has improved the daily lives of NDIS participants.

Understanding NDIS Community Nursing Care

NDIS nursing care is marginally different from regular nursing services. In this blog, Community Nursing Care refers to NDIS-based support services funded by the same. It is designed to help participants manage their disability-related conditions directly impacting their daily lives.

However, the scheme does not cover hospital-in-the-home services. However, it recognizes and values the importance of disability-related health supports that require trained practitioners such as nurses and therapists.

The NDIS-based Nursing Care support includes the following:

  • Dysphagia supports
  • Continence supports
  • Podiatry supports
  • Respiratory support
  • Bowel care
  • Wound and pressure care support, and more.

Anyone with a supreme disability and eligible can get NDIS nursing care support upon verification.

How is Community Nursing Care Improving NDIS Daily Living?

Community Nursing Care enables participants to connect with registered NDIS nurses who specialize in providing bespoke disability-related health support. Upon successful ablation, nurses start their support care service ensuring significant improvements in participants' daily living.

Trained practitioners provide specialized care and assistance to help individuals with disabilities reduce the impact on their ability to function. Nurses can also develop care plans, perform continence assessments, and customize services to meet each participant's unique needs.

Community Nursing Care Eligibility & Access

To be eligible for NDIS nursing care, a participant must meet the following criteria:

  • He/She should have a permanent/significant disability
  • Participant's ages must not be over 65
  • The participant should be an Australian resident or hold a permanent visa
  • Participants under the age of 9 must meet the early intervention requirement

If you comprise the above points, you are eligible for nursing care by NDIS. Once you are declared eligible by the officials, you can access the required NDIS nursing service through the following steps:

  • Applying through the Access Request Form obtained from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
  • Form assessment by officials
  • Officials will conduct a Planning meeting after the form assessment review.
  • Now comes the Plan Approval after a successful planning meeting
  • With the approved plan and allocated funding, the participant can engage NDIS nurses accordingly

These are the points and processes involved in enabling nursing care to improve daily living NDIS.

Services Inclined with Nursing Care

Service provided by registered NDIS nurses includes the following:

  • Personalized disability support with appropriate medication and supervision
  • Successful execution of NDIS plans designed for participants in the nursing segment
  • Conduct various group/community activities to bring agility and proactiveness to participants' life
  • Proper and time-to-time counseling to check and update progress
  • Individual training to enhance conditions of living

Apart from these, trained nurses can take more responsibilities in different health conditions.

Community Nursing Care at Admire Care!

We are a registered NDIS service provider in Perth Australia, with an impeccable history of delivering top-notch NDIS services to each participant. Any disabled individual with permanent Australian residency and visa who comes to us seeking help will get comprehensive, end-to-end nursing care support.

We have trained and compassionate registered nurses who ensure tailored nursing care support to improve the daily living of NDIS Participants. We are committed to facilitating the best nursing service, ensuring participants lead independent and fulfilling lives.