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Plan Management and Support Coordination

Plan Management Vs. Support Coordination: What's the Difference?

Plan management and support coordination belong to the NDIS service and are highly adopted by NDIS participants based on their specific needs. These services have similar goals, yet the work ethic and limitations separate them.

For enabling plan management, disabled people must come under the plan managed category, while accessing a support coordinator doesn't come under such limitations.

However, due to the similarity between their meaning and some work functionalities, many assume they belong to the same category and often need clarification on the two services.

To those who find it difficult to differentiate between Plan management vs. Support Coordination, here's a brief explanation of the two:

What Is Plan Management?

Plan management is one of the famous and widely adopted options NDIS participants use for managing their overall disability plan.

Enabling NDIS plan management service means you will get assisted by NDIS plan managers concerning your disability service funding-related tasks and financial administration.

A plan manager can handle various tasks related to the financial prospects of participants.
In short, plan managers are NDIS accountants who manage your NDIS funding and take care of your budget so that they will understand the confusion over billings, invoices, and paperwork.

During the planning meeting, the officials will ask you whether you want to include plan management in your NDIS plan. It's up to your requirements. If you say yes, you will get a plan manager's support until you enrich your goal.

Key Responsibilities of a Plan Management Specialist:

A Plan manager is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Taking care of the NDIS-related billing issue and invoices of the participants
  • Managing the payment of your disability service providers on your behalf
  • Keep track of your funds overspending and underspending
  • Do all the paperwork and claims required funds through the NDIS portal
  • Helps you with all your financial presentations and reporting

What Is Support Coordination?

Support coordination is precisely the opposite of NDIS Plan Management service. In Plan Management, the service providers do all the necessary work on behalf of the participants.

But a support coordinator will only guide and support the participants and help them find the right NDIS service providers.

Here, irrespective of your NDIS status (Plan Managed or self-managed), you can access a support coordinator upon getting approval from the organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Support Coordination Specialist:

A support coordinator's primary job is to assist participants in implementing their NDIS plan better, following necessary guidelines.

They help participants connect with the relevant disability service providers for the best possible support and results.

A support coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Gives an in-brief to the participants about their disability plan
  • Prepare participants for the review meeting and conferences for better and transparent communication
  • Help them connect with the right disability service provider based on their goal
  • Stay alongside and provide complete guidance throughout their NDIS journey, ensuring result-driven execution

Plan Management Vs. Support Coordinators!

Suppose you are an NDIS participant looking to add either plan management or support coordination services to your disability plan. In that case, you can ask it during your NDIS planning meeting. Once NDIS approves your request, it will get included in your disability plan.

Before that, follow the below questionnaire for a more transparent approach-

  • How often does your plan manager communicate with you to ensure you are on the right track with your plan?
  • Do the plan managers have the perfect plan to manage your disability funds efficiently?
  • Do the support coordinators have enough experience in the same field?
  • Are the plan managers experienced enough in managing your entire funds?
  • Are your plan managers genuinely working towards fulfilling all your disability goals?

How Can Admire Care Help You Get the Best Out of Both?

Admire Care is a registered NDIS service provider in Western Australia. We have the best management system and a large spectrum of disability service solutions in our inventory, which we urge disabled personnel to enroll in to improve their lives.

We provide top-notch disability plan management and support coordination services, allowing disabled people to use their NDIS funds and support-related services better broadly and beneficially.

If you want to learn more about the plan management and support coordination service, we will assist you in understanding the key differences and help you choose the right plan based on your condition and goal.

For more information on,call (+61 483 282 061) or email (info@admirecare.net.au)