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Feedback and Complaints

Feedbacks and Complaints are two integral aspects of any organization that continuously works towards growth. However, Positive FEEDBACK is one such prospect that we always crave. But, COMPLAINTs, on the other hand, make us realize that we are lacking at some point and fail to fulfill the gap. Anyway, you are welcome to leverage both and tell us both Good and Bad things to help us grow from every corner!

Admire Care strives to provide safe and quality services, and your opinion is important to us. We are keen to hear your feedback, compliments, complaints, suggestions and encourage you to let us know when we have performed well or not met your expectations or things can be done better or differently.

By sharing your views, you help us to improve the support and services we provide to all participants and families. All feedbacks are handled in a confidential and sensitive manner without affecting the care or service being provided. All anonymous feedbacks will be investigated; however, we will be unable to provide you of any investigations or actions implemented.

You can provide us with your views on services and policy as follows:

  1. Speaking with any of our staff
  2. Sending an email – info@admirecare.net.au
  3. Writing down your feedback and/or complaint and giving it to a staff member
  4. Post your feedback and/or complaint to 11 Swallow Court, Churchlands, WA, 6018
  5. Fill in online feedback form below


All of our staff is trained to receive and respond to feedback or issues, or alternatively, you may wish to request a Manger to investigate the concern.

You can also request assistance to give feedback or make a complaint by speaking with anyone of our staff, who can arrange an interpreter.

A friend, relative, or community organization can make a complaint on your behalf. We protect your privacy by verifying that your permission has been given.

You may make an anonymous complaint.

You can also contact the following agencies:

NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission
Disability Royal Commission
Health & Disability Services Complaints Office
For further information and assistance regarding complaints, please click on the following links:

What happens after I provide feedback or make a complaint?

  • Once we receive your feedback, we'll let you know within two working days.
  • We thank you for providing a compliment and will ensure it reaches the dedicated team as well as management.
  • We are grateful for any comments or suggestions which will be reviewed to provide a better service.
  • Sometimes complaints can be resolved immediately. At times you may be required to provide more information or speak to our staff or other people involved in the process.
  • Our goal is to resolve your complaint within 28 days of receiving it. We will keep you informed if it takes longer than expected. We take concerns seriously and investigate them thoroughly.