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Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

NDIS Specialized Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Accessing a suitable accommodation for a participant with a disability can be a challenging task. The NDIS has created a new funding stream called Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to enable accessible housing options.

Specialized Disability Accommodation

SDA enables a person with disability to live as independently as possible through funding that encourages development of purpose-built housing options. These housing options are designed to meet the needs of participants to assist with the delivery of their supports and cater for their extreme functional impairment or high support needs.

Specialized Disability Accommodation

The intent of SDA is to reduce the need for person-to-person supports, or improve the effectiveness of the delivery of person-to-person supports, through the provision of a specialized housing solution.

To assist you to better understand the process and explore whether SDA is an option for you, please contact us.

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