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Best NDIS Plan Manager

The Key Consideration to Finding the Best NDIS Plan Manager!

NDIS is an organization specifically designed to provide support to disabled people. The support includes funding for various services per their disability to help them overcome obstacles and live a generally peaceful everyday life. We all know this and will always be grateful to the Australian government for this initiative.

But do you know you need a plan manager to access all the NDIS funding, service-related paperwork, and stuff? Well, once you get an NDIS participant tag, you can choose three NDIS management options.

What you will choose will ultimately depend upon your goal and requirement. But, to get the most out of those plans, you need a plan manager.

And how you will choose the best plan manager is what we have illustrated in this blog. So read till the end and get the definitive idea for the best possible result.

Definition of an NDIS Plan Manager and their Responsibilities

An NDIS plan manager is an individual who manages the administration of your NDIS plan. They are primarily responsible for the following:

  • They pay all invoices to your support providers and claim those payments with NDIA. Also, ensure the invoices and funds claims are made correctly and proper records reports are maintained for further use of your NDIS funds.
  • They help you choose the right service providers upon request and take complete responsibility for your plan's financial administration.
  • They will update you about your expenditure from your funds and how much is available in your budget for each category.

    (If your funds are low, they inform you about that. If your funds are being spent quicker than acceptable, it's time you contact NDIA to be re-evaluated for additional support funding.)

  • Plan manager is also responsible for ensuring that those claims are not fraudulent. If your support funds are used inappropriately or fraudulently, your plan manager can be liable for the unapproved costs.
  • Finally, your plan manager may provide additional capacity-building and training services. It involves teaching you how to manage the financial aspects of your plan. These capacity-building services can eventually enable you to self-manage your plan.

Your Plan Manager is Not Responsible for the Following

  • Designing your support plan.
  • They won't determine the support type you wish to purchase with NDIS funds, and the NDIA decides those two factors upon your eligibility.
  • -> Your plan manager also doesn't set fees for the support services you receive, although they can negotiate with your service providers for lower fees (just as you can if you're self-managing).
  • Plan managers don't take part in picking up your service providers, setting up your service schedule, or managing the implementation of your plan.

Top Qualities a Trusted Plan Manager Must Possess

He/She must be Registered with the NDIS

When you take NDIS support, you have two options, registered and unregistered service providers. We suggest you go for a registered NDIS plan manager as it will add more benefits than an unregistered one.

Remember, only registered NDIS providers have the advantage of submitting claims on their behalf.

They Must Maintain Transparency

Your chosen plan managers must maintain transparency and can provide you access to the plan management platform to sneak peek at time of need. You should be able to see all your overall transactions, such as withdraws, expenditures, and available funds, in real-time.

Ensure Easy and Precise Communication

Easy and precise communication solves most confusion quickly and efficiently. Ensure your plan manager maintains the easiness of communication with you.

You must feel relaxed and flexible in communicating. Find out the managers who ensure seamless communication.

They Must Offer You Choice & Control

An experienced and well-behaved plan manager must possess the art of taking control of the emotions and choices of the participants.

He/she should be skilled enough to understand your needs and help you independently manage your plan.

Learn how you can Connect with the Best Plan Managers in your Area.

Getting access to a registered NDIS plan manager is relatively easy, especially if you are in Australia. However, being a beginner, you might encounter difficulties or fraudsters who claim to help you. But in this era of smartphones and internet connectivity, it should be easy to pull off.

Some of the most reliable sources for finding dedicated plan managers are

  • Connect with your native area coordinator or support coordinator directly or via a medium
  • By enriching your friends, family, or neighbors for the suggestion
  • Browsing for additional sites and official websites.

These are some of the most preferred sources to help you access the best plan managers in your area.

You must confirm through various verification before choosing one that fits your schedule and ensure they are efficient and skilled for the plan management job.

Take Admire Care's Help!

Admire Care is a registered NDIS service provider in Perth, West Australia, renowned for providing high-class NDIS services to people with disabilities.

We provide bespoke NDIS plan management service to help NDIS participants with their funded support provided by NDIS. Our dedicated Plan Managers ensure seamless connectivity, communication, and result-driven plan management service.

They aim to help disabled people better use their funding, access the right equipment, and achieve high-volume improvements to live a happy, healthy, independent life.

Our plan manager has years of experience in managing a broad spectrum of disabled people, and they assure cutting-edge services on the following:

  • Better plan management of participants' funds
  • Do the paperwork and help you follow a flaw-less procedure to claim your NDIS fund
  • Keep eagle eyes on participants' funds (expenditure, available balance, etc.)
  • Keep track and manage all the financial invoices and reporting

We are a crowned Plan Management service provider with a healthy track record of handling and managing participants' NDIS funding and providing excellent service.

If you or your loved ones are looking for a registered NDIS plan management service and plan manager in Perth, call +61 483 282 061 or call (+61 483 282 061) or email (info@admirecare.net.au) to discuss more.