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NDIS Assistance with Daily Life: Tips and Insights!

Sometimes, we all seek help in life! Irrespective of our condition and status, we need a helping hand to carry on with life. For a disabled individual, the term "help" or "assistance" hits differently.

It's one of the primary objectives that has kept the hope alive to dream big and live an independent and happy life. In NDIS, if you are eligible and have the official approval for assistance with daily life, you can access multiple support or assistance services.

In this blog, we will explain the core insight of NDIS assistance with daily life. From which category it falls under to the eligibility criteria, we will briefly describe your queries with appropriate answers.

Let's begin with NDOS core support, where "assistance with daily life" comes from.

Understanding NDIS Core Support

People often get confused about the NDIS and its offerings. They fail to understand that the National Disability Insurance Scheme, aka NDIS, is a government-initiated program for disabled individuals. The primary objective of this program is to improve the lives of people with disabilities through its staggering offerings.

NDIS core support means providing end-to-end assistance with everyday tasks. From getting up from bed in the morning to going to sleep at the end of the day, the assistant will help you effortlessly overcome everyday challenges.

Core Support allows you to manage daily tasks, achieve goals, and address disability-related needs. You can utilize NDIS core support funding for different kinds of assistance.

The primary four categories of NDIS core supports include:

What is NDIS Assistance with Daily Living?

Assistance with Daily Living is a sub-category of funding under Core Supports on the NDIS. This budget aims to assist you in your daily activities, allowing you to live as independently as possible in your home and community.

Since each person with a disability has unique needs, the type of daily support received by participants will vary. Therefore, the Assisting with Daily Life NDIS assistance is tailored to meet your disability needs, ensuring everyone receives the necessary assistance to live a more self-sufficient life.

Your NDIS Plan may include assistance in various forms, such as:

  • Daily personal assistance
  • Household tasks assistance
  • Living in a shared apartment/residential with others
  • Living independently with help/assistance (SIL- Supported Independent Living)
  • Short-term assistance and lodging (or Respite Care)
  • There is home and community-based support available

Types of Daily Living Assistance Covered by NDIS

  • Assist with the morning routine (getting up, showering, getting dressed, etc.)
  • Assist with regular household chores (doing the dishes, cleaning, or gardening)
  • Assist you with preparing meals or provide payment for meal delivery services.
  • Assisting you in navigating your neighborhood and using public transportation

Types of Daily Living Assistance Uncovered by NDIS

  • The cost of ready-made meals only covers preparation and delivery expenses.
  • Expenses related to household items, such as cleaning supplies
  • Toiletries and makeup that are not related to your disability.
  • Rent, board, or mortgage payments.
  • Events, concerts, and movie ticket arrangement

How does NDIS help with Daily Living?

When we refer to daily living under the NDIS, we are talking about the routine activities of daily life, such as getting up, showering, eating, and moving around.

The Daily Living Assistance budget is designed to help you with these tasks. You can use this funding to employ support staff who can assist or monitor you with these tasks. If you cannot do them yourself, you can also use the budget to hire helpers to do these tasks.

Funding Eligibility of NDIS Daily Living Assistance

The NDIS funding principle is that support must be reasonable, necessary, and directly related to your disability to help you achieve your goals.

You can receive assistance with your daily tasks if you have funding allocated for "Assistance with Daily Life" in your Core Support budget. This funding is intended to support individuals with disabilities or health issues who require assistance with specific tasks.

If you are wondering whether you have already been granted the funding for "Assistance with Daily Life" or "Daily Activities," you can check your plan or Myplace portal. If you are still unsure, contacting a trustworthy plan manager is best.

They can help you determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for this funding, the exact amount you have received, and whether it has already been included in your plan.

The amount of funding depends on individual needs and circumstances and can be used for personal care, household tasks, meal prep, and transportation.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, this funding can significantly strengthen your quality of life and enable you to maintain your independence in your daily activities.

We will Gladly Assist you in Your Daily Life

Living with a disability shouldn't mean facing daily challenges alone. The NDIS can provide vital support to empower you to manage everyday tasks and live a more fulfilling life. As promised, this guide includes valuable tips and insights to help you navigate the NDIS's daily life assistance offerings and access the assistance you deserve.

Remember, the NDIS provides all possible assistance to achieve your goals. So, take the first step towards greater independence. Contact Admire Care today, a reliable registered NDIS service provider in Perth, to explore a world of life-transforming possibilities.