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How Can You Protect Yourself from NDIS Fraud?

For every novel cause, there exist harmful elements that ruin its reputation in society with unlawful activities. In 2021, nearly $45 million of NDIS payments were canceled due to fraud reports. As a result, many deserving people with disability were left out of getting their funds. So far, 20% of National Disability Insurance Scheme funds have gone into the fraudster accounts because of it.

NDIA has already placed a Fraud Taskforce that closely works with the federal police force. But they also failed to stop such incidents, and it keeps happening.

In this blog post, we have explained NDIS Fraud and how, as a participant and service provider, one can avoid it happening in the first place.

What is NDIS Fraud?

National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS fraud refers to any unlawful or deceptive activity to obtain disability funding for participants. It involves making false or misleading statements, concealing Information, or acting dishonestly. This disability fraud can be committed by participants, providers, or anyone who seeks to exploit the scheme for personal gain.

Examples of National Disability Insurance Scheme fraud may include:

  • Claiming for services not part of the scheme or not provided by the organization.
  • Misrepresenting a participant's disability to obtain more significant funding or benefits.
  • Providing false information/documents to showcase as a registered disability provider.

NDIS fraud is illegal and can have severe consequences for those involved.

How Can A Participant Avoid NDIS Fraud?

Being an NDIS participant, at the earliest stage, your chances of becoming a victim of this fraud game are higher. You are new to this segment and searching for references and mediums to explore this service.

Hence, you might get trapped in the fraudsters' plan. However, you can avoid this dilemma by playing smart and staying wise throughout the process.

Here are some tips to avoid this trickery in the first place:

Visit the Official Site and Gather Information: -

As a participant, you must go through the verified official website. You must read all terms and conditions, rules, and ecosystems to gather all necessary information before partnering with a disability service provider.

Differentiate Between Registered/unregistered NDIS Providers: -

Make sure your chosen provider is a registered NDIS service provider. You can check the provider's registration status, licensing number, policy, and insurance number on the official website.

Protect Your Personal Information: -

Do not share your NDIS login credentials or personal information with anyone, including your provider. Be cautious of unsolicited calls, emails, or messages from people claiming to be NDIS representatives. Always verify their identity before sharing any personal information.

Compare the Funding: -

Keep the funding information section open from the official website during the discussion with the provider. Compare the price quote and immediately back out of the discussion if found suspicious. Later, you can report it to the officials about the same.

Keep Records of All Services Provided: -

Keep a record of all the services you receive from your provider, including the date, time, and type of service. Ensure that the services billed to the NDIS are consistent with those you received.

Understand Your Rights: -

Know your rights and responsibilities as an NDIS participant. If you need clarification on something, contact the officials for assistance.

Report Any Suspicious Activity: -

If you suspect that something is not right, report it to the NDIS Fraud Taskforce by calling the Fraud Reporting and Corruption Hotline at + 1800 650 717 or emailing fraud.taskforce@ndis.gov.au

These are some crucial factors to consider as an NDIS participant to avoid disability service duplicity. You can explore more possibilities from the official website.

How to Avoid Being Accused of NDIS Fraud as a Service Provider?

Registered or Unregistered, being an NDIS service provider, you must avoid the term "Non-compliance." It is used for service providers not following NDIS-set rules and regulations. Later, it leads to fraud accusations.

Meanwhile, you can avoid the non-compliance tag by following the below methods:

Stick to the Rules and Regulations: -

No one can put the finger on you or your service if you stick to the NDIS rules and regulations. To avoid disability duplicity fraud, you must first understand its rules and follow them to the best practice, irrespective of the situation.

Fill Invoices Correctly: -

As a disability provider, you must charge clients with the mentioned price set by the NDIS and not a single penny more. Also, ensure they fill out all their documents and invoices correctly to ensure their compatibility with the organization.

Maintain a Record of Everything: -

The NDIS strictly advises all service providers to maintain an end-to-end record of all participants, invoices, receipts, and invoices. It will help them counter any fraud claim with the NDIA.

Maintain Transparency: -

Give your participants a brief about all your services, how's it done, and the work cycle to help them understand the process. The more you make it easier for them, the higher trust you will gain from them.

Penalty for NDIS Fraud: -

NDIA has stated zero tolerance for any suspicious activity and NDIS fraud. It has appointed the Fraud Task Force, which works alongside the Federal Police to detect fraudsters. The punishment for trickery ranges from fines to serving a jail term, depending on the crime level.

Importance and Role of NDIS Plan Manager:

Plan Managers play a vital role in your National Disability Insurance Scheme journey. From helping you manage funding to ensuring seamless coordination with your Local Area Coordinator (LOC), they do everything on your behalf. The goal is to enable the best disability service and help you access all necessary support and equipment in your fund.

An NDIS Plan Manager is the only trustable link between a participant and a disability service provider. They ensure the safeguard and reduce the chances of fraud in the participant's life.

Final Thoughts!

Now that you understand NDIS fraud and the essential way of outing from it, I am sure you will follow the step mentioned above to avoid it as soon as you get the chance. The organization always encourages participants to report suspicious activities to avoid uncertainties.

The officials are ready to take appropriate action against fraudsters. Now it's your responsibility to help them catch/track those fraudsters the next minute you encounter one.

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