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Benefits Of NDIS Plan Management

How do you choose the right support coordinator for your NDIS plan?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a vast disability program launched by the Australian government. It has multiple sections running by numerous registered and unregistered service providers nationwide. Participants under the NDIS have greater control over support providers and access. But sometimes, finding the best NDIS service providers and professionals who fit into the environment takes much time and effort.

This is where the role of support coordinators came in. Coordinators are the individuals who help participants with many things. They help find the best providers to teach the NDIS process to manage funds to track progress. They do most of the work, ensuring the participant gets the best service.

In this blog post, we will learn more about NDIS support coordinators. We will discover who they are, their roles, and some key prospects to define the best coordinators.

What is a Support Coordinator?

Support coordinators are private businesses separate from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). They are funded from your plan and help you coordinate support services to maximize your NDIS funding.

Support coordinators work closely with your plan manager (if you have one) to help you make the most of your NDIS plan. Whether you require a support coordinator to help in your NDIS journey is entirely your decision. But make sure to discuss with your plan manager or Local Area Coordinator first at your plan meeting so they can include the required funding accordingly.

What are the Different Levels of Support Coordination?

There are three different levels of support coordination, each with different assistance and complexity qualities:

Support Connection
  • Provides essential assistance with understanding your NDIS plan and connecting with the right service providers.
  • Suitable for participants who manage their support coordination independently.
Support Coordination
  • Assists with developing and managing your support plan and overcoming service delivery barriers.
  • Ideals for participants who require some ongoing support with coordination.
Specialist Support Coordination
  • It typically involves a specialist coordinator with expertise in mental health, housing, or complex support needs.
  • Assists in managing challenging support environments by ensuring consistent service delivery.

Role Support Coordinator Plays in Your NDIS Journey!

Support coordinators play a vital role in your NDIS journey. They ensure you get the best assistance from the best service providers. Most importantly, they work closely and dedicatedly to enhance your skills and knowledge about the support service you receive.

Here are some key responsibilities they are entitled to:

  • Communicate effectively to understand your disability situation and surroundings for better plan-making.
  • Develop a personalized support plan that outlines the types and levels of support required to achieve end goals.
  • Research and identify appropriate service providers who can deliver the best NDIS support service.
  • Teach and support you for all your NDIS plan meetings and track reviews.
  • Explain NDIS funding, the budget cycle, and how to manage the entire funding.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the support plan and make adjustments as needed.
  • Connect individuals with community resources and social support networks.

More to this, every NDIS support coordinator aims to work collaboratively with individuals, families, service providers, and other stakeholders to ensure that the right supports are in place and that they are being delivered effectively.

Support Coordinator Comes With a Cost!

NDIS only provides support coordination services to some of the participants (eligible ones).

For example - Suppose you are eligible to add a support coordination service to your NDIS plan. Within the process, if your capacity-building funding runs out, you can use your NDIS core budget to access additional hours for this service.

However, you must look for NDIS registered support coordinators to pay them following the NDIS pricing guide, not more than the mentioned price. If you negotiate a lower price with your provider, you can receive more services with your funding. The best case scenario is to preview the NDIS price guide thoroughly before finalizing the price of your support coordinators.

What Makes a Support Coordinator Best?

Choosing the right NDIS support coordinator is a highly personal decision since everyone has unique needs. Here are some key things to consider while choosing the best coordinator:

Effective Communication

Effective communication is vital for any service. The support coordinator must possess excellent communication skills to inform the service providers about the status of your plan. Talk about the necessary changes to maximize the benefits of your NDIS plan.

NDIS Expertise

They must have strong knowledge of NDIS funding, plan management, and service options so that they act quickly and efficiently while serving you.

Flexibility & Adaptability

A proactive support coordinator must be a quick learner to adapt things on a priority basis. Moreover, they should be flexible enough to adjust their approach based on your evolving needs and circumstances.

Time Management

As professionals, coordinators must manage their time effectively, juggling multiple tasks budgets, and ensuring timely service delivery.


The best support coordinator is the one who always stays focused on the end goal. Their job is to understand the participant's situation, help them see the positive outcome of the process, and stick to the end goal. They must follow the best practices to achieve the goal, irrespective of the obstacles.

Remember, the "best" support coordinator is ultimately the one who best meets your specific needs and helps you achieve your goals.

Final Thoughts!

A competent support coordinator should collaborate with you closely and prioritize your needs and preferences. They should also provide adaptable solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives. This means your support coordinator should not have additional responsibilities that distract them from their commitment to you.

Australia has multiple NDIS service providers with a decent track record of exceptional results. This can make finding the one with the best support coordinator service difficult. However, Admire Care has become the first choice for NDIS support coordination for many for many disabled individuals. You can try your luck with us to find the best support coordinator for your NDIS journey.